A Ritual for Weekly Reflection

A short post this week, because I’m focused on acclimating to my new job. It’s going well so far, and I’m feeling the joy and welcome that the community and staff are extending to me. Still, joining a new organization comes with a lot of things to learn: new people, a new culture, new expectations.

I’ve long been a list maker and note taker; I’ve learned that if I don’t write something down, especially when it comes to tasks and logistics, it’s unlikely I’ll remember it. The process of settling into my new role has made the practice all the more important. So I had to turn it up a notch or three.

Last week I began a new weekly ritual to help myself keep track of what I’m thinking about and what’s going on in the community. I sat down on Friday afternoon, opened a blank note on my computer (I’ve fallen in love with the app Notion), and typed the following two questions at the top:

What did I learn this week?

What are my new questions?

And then I made lists. Long lists.

I’ll just share one thing from each of my first week’s list, since they are really for my own development in this position and wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense out of context…

Learning: Togetherness and connection are the most important things right now.

Question: How can I build more physical activity into my day working from home?

Anyway, I offer this ritual in case it might be useful to you. I plan to practice it each week before Shabbat, and I’m curious to look back in six months or a year and revisit how I’ve grown in this role.

Also, here’s a picture of the spectacular lilies a neighbor cultivates around the corner from my new home:


  1. Good luck on your new position. I am sure in just a short time you will feel most comfortable in your new environment.
    May I suggest that you should put on your list new ways to show empathy to your congregation with your words.
    Stay safe

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  2. Happy to hear you are settling in. I have been writing down my goals for years. It takes a lot of time and practice. We wish you well in your new job and hope to see you as soon as it is possible to travel to Concord. Regards to Ari. Love, Evie and Les

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