I Lift My Eyes to the Mountains

A few days ago, Ari and I returned from a week of vacation with my parents in Colorado. We began in Golden (outside Denver), traveled to Estes Park and through the Rocky Mountain National Park, spent a few days in Steamboat Springs, and concluded in Breckenridge. We relaxed, we hiked, and we soaked in the hot springs—and we took in the spectacular views of the state.

While through the mountains, we frequently found ourselves without cell service. That meant the options we had for what to listen to during the drives were limited. All I happened to have downloaded on my phone were two albums by Jewish bluegrass group Nefesh Mountain (whom I happened to meet when they visited Community Synagogue in June). So as we drove across the breathtaking Trail Ridge Road, the highest paved road in the country (partially above 12,000 feet), we listened to perhaps the most appropriate music possible: “Esa einai el heharim… I lift my eyes to the mountains…” (Psalm 121). It was perfect.

Here are some of sites my eyes (and my iPhone) beheld:

(My dad took this one.)

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