Trying Something New

As of this week, Sivuv is now on Facebook! I hope this offers an easier way for more people to read these posts, without me cluttering countless email inboxes every other week. Of course, you can still follow the post here on WordPress or via email, if you prefer.

I plan to use the Facebook page not only to share the regular bi-weekly posts I write here, but also to offer thoughts on interesting articles and other things I find online. It’ll be a place for some shorter commentary, meant to complement the longer writings I intend to continue on WordPress.

Click here to find the new Sivuv page on Facebook. And if you’re newer to following this project, I hope you’ll consider visiting the an archived post this week. Maybethe very first one? It’s one of my favorites, and it’s the one that got me to put pen to paper! (Well, fingers to keyboard…)

I’m sincerely grateful to all who are generous enough with their time and interest to be here. This project has been a meaningful avenue of reflection for me since I first published nine months ago, and I thank you for joining me along the way.

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